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Welcome to Massage by Kendra for Children, Teens,and Adults!

Any and every age can benefit from a massage/nurturing touch.

I believe that the benefits are so great for child and teens that I became specialized in the field of Pediatric Massage.

We may not always think about it, but a child and teenager's growing body and mind is put under stress on a daily basis. When receiving nurturing touch/massage, some of the benefits for children and teens are

# Relaxation. Heighten sense of well being
# Pain Relief. Children and Teens can suffer from muscle soreness, injury, and growing pains, this is not just limited to those that play sports.
# Reduce Stress. Everyone experiences stress at one time or another. This can be due to new stimulation or environment, school or social stresses and even hormonal changes.
# Improve Circulation
# Strengthen Immunity
# Assist in Good Communication Skills. Taking time to talk with your child or teen can teach them how to communicate their feelings during massage, will open up doors of communication now and later in life.
# Help Child or Teen Sleep
# Increase Bond between Child/Teen and Parent
# Increase Child/Teens Confidence
# Promote Healthy Self Esteem and Body Image
# And Many More!!

Thank you!

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